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Covid Virus Precautions & Studio Policies-Melissa Anne Photography


I hope you are doing well and staying sane during this crazy time!

I have been anxiously awaiting the announcement that my studio can reopen and I can photograph all the sweet babies again!  Every day we are getting closer to that day and I want to make sure we are being as safe as possible in the studio to keep everyone as healthy and safe as we possibly can.  Since I have newborns in my studio, who are so tiny and have not built up their immune systems yet, I want to make sure we are providing an environment that is clean and as safe as possible!  I have always used frequent hand washing and use hand sanitizer if I am not able to wash my hands.  I wash all fabrics and outfits used during sessions as well as sanitizing all props and sitting/kitchen areas.  But, I have decided to implement some other policies as well.

I have decided to resume all new sessions starting June 1st, as of right now, even though I have talked to the Governor’s office and was told that we are able to proceed starting May 7th with outdoor sessions using the 6ft distancing rule and other precautions.  I will be getting all the clients that have already had a scheduled session, that was cancelled due to the stay at home order, in first.  So if you were on my schedule and had to cancel the session due to the stay at home order, I will be contacting you to reschedule your sessions!  I am booking all new sessions for after June 1st if you were NOT already scheduled for a session with me.

Here are some pretty visuals of my new policies moving forward for outdoor and indoor sessions, because I love being creative and I love visuals!


Here are my plans for outdoor sessions…

safety guidelines covid outdoor photograph sessions melissa anne photographyIn studio sessions are a little it more tricky because we are going to be in an enclosed space.  Newborn sessions are 2-3 hours in a warm room, so extra precautions need to be in place!  I will be wearing a mask during my newborn sessions.  I will be using hand sanitizer and hand washing as applicable.

Newborn sessions will include newborn baby’s parents and siblings only.  It is also recommended that siblings leave once their portion of the session is completed.  Dad sometimes is happy to get outside for a little while!  Someone will need to remain at the studio, usually this is Mom.

Upon arrival at the studio, I will have you remove your shoes outside the studio door and wash your hands.  I will ask you to remove baby from their car seat and undress them down to their diaper.  I will wrap baby and start with family photos, then sibling with baby photos.  I will try to do these first.  After the session all fabrics, props, outfits, etc, will be washed and sanitized and common areas will be vacuumed and disinfected.  I will not schedule more than one session in the studio per 24 hour period, and will ideally schedule them 36 hours apart to allow for time to disinfect.  I also ask that if anyone scheduled to be photographed or anyone coming into the studio is ill, we reschedule your session.  Fever, sore throat, vomiting, runny nose, coughing etc. must be clear for at least 48 hours.  If you have been exposed to anyone ill, we ask that you contact me so we can reschedule your session.

I am not allowing outside props or outfits to be used during the newborn sessions at this time.


covid studio photo session precautions and policies melissa anne photography

I will be conducting reveal & ordering appointments via Zoom, for the time being, and will deliver all images via online downloadable gallery.  Prints and other products may be ordered and will be delivered by mail directly to you or we can arrange for pickup or drop off to you.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss studio policies for your session, please let me know!  I want all us to be safe and healthy and my clients safety is my number one priority.  I can’t wait to see every one again!

Be Safe & Healthy!





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