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This tiny little guy came into the studio for newborn photos last month, with his parents and big sister!  He was FULL of smiles and was so easy to pose and was such a snuggly baby that loved being wrapped and didn’t mind changing outfits.  He is such an adorable little guy, I seriously could have kept him all day!!

Newborn photos are typically scheduled during the 2nd trimester for about 1 week after baby’s due date.  This date may be moved based on baby’s actual arrival.  I prefer to do the sessions between 5-14 days old.  I only book 12 newborns a month so I have room to move appointments as needed.  Parent and siblings are welcome to join in and be photographed.  All sessions are styled with props and outfits, headbands and wraps in your choice of style and colors.  We send you a questionnaire for session planning when you book your session along with a wardrobe guide for you.  Professional hair and makeup can be added to your session and would be done in my studio prior to the session by one of my stylists.  Professional hair and makeup is recommended and can be done at your own salon as well.

Newborn photos are a once in a lifetime event and since they grow and change SO fast, I recommend capturing all the tiny details when you can!

















I have TWO spots open for newborn photo sessions in December and just THREE for January 2019!

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Christmas Mini Sessions | Troy Michigan Photographer | Melissa Anne Photography

Hi there!  I just looked at my calendar and there are only 61 days left until CHRISTMAS!!!!


That means trying to find the perfect gift for everyone, even the “hard to buy for people”!  We ALL have those people that seem to have EVERYTHING!  Well, what if I told you that you could find the perfect gifts for EVERYONE on your shopping list, and it only takes a few minutes AND it is super fun?!

Would you think it is too good to be true?  I know I would, but it is REAL!

Book a Christmas mini session and I can create beautiful, timeless gifts for your family, you can take care of Christmas cards, AND you get a gift for YOU too!


I know, you want to hug me right now!


I understand, I get that a lot!  I hate shopping when it is super busy, people are crabby and in a hurry, and it is cold outside and really hot in the mall??  It feels like 100 degrees and you have your winter coat and all your kids coats and probably the hubby’s coat too…and they are hungry and have to pee every 5 minutes and you are wondering why you thought it was a good idea to bring everyone with you when all they want to do is be anywhere but shopping?!?!

So, do them (and yourself!) a favor and book a 15-20 minute Christmas mini portrait session and avoid all of the stress and crowds, PLUS get the PERFECT gift for Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts & Uncles, friends, and yourself too!

Time flies by so quickly and updating your families portraits yearly is a great way to document all the changes, and they will love seeing how they grow and change someday.  This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Portraits can be passed through generations and it is an investment in your family.


How do you put a price on that??




Early Bird pricing is only $97 and includes your choice of backdrop , a beautiful canvas photo ornament, $47 print credit towards product of your choice, the kids get to write a letter to Santa and mail them, or you can keep them for a souvenir, and the session is 15-20 minutes and can be your entire family, or just the kids, and convenient, in home online ordering, in your pajamas with a glass of wine.

Special priced collections and products such as Christmas cards are available.  And, orders will be ready before Christmas!

So this is obviously a no-brainer!  Early Bird pricing ends tomorrow, October 25, 2018!

I have a few dates left and may open up more if needed, so feel free to email me at if you are interested in a different date.



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I hope to see you and your family soon to create something beautiful, that you will cherish for years to come!

Troy Michigan Baby Milestone Session-Brooklyn


I love following families from newborn through their first year!  Sometimes I meet my littles when they are a little bit older.  Brooklyn came in for a milestone session and she brought her big sister and Mom & Dad too!  Mom didn’t get newborn portraits, so we tried to get Brooklyn to sleep, but that wasn’t happening!  I love how energetic she was and she was a happy girl. I love the shots of her in the bowl, and Mom brought in the shirts and the heart shaped prop, which completed the session perfectly.

These two girls were so cute and made my job so easy!  I loved how attentive big sister was and she sure loves her baby sister.

I book milestone sessions for 3-4 months, 6-8 months (when they are sitting on their own) and 12 months!



Troy Michigan Family Photographer

It is almost the busiest season for me… and my favorite season too!   Sweaters, jeans, boots, and gorgeous colors like rust, orange, reds, burgundy, gold….I love the explosion of colors that gives the perfect background for portraits!   Fall is the most popular time of year for family portraits, senior portraits, and engagement portraits.  Being in Michigan, we have some beautiful scenery that will make the perfect wall art for your walls!

So, if you have not updated your family photos in a while, or want gorgeous wall art to admire every day, or are like me and wait until this time of year to book a session, now is the time to book!

I have a few spots left and have gorgeous locations to choose from. Peak season is mid October, and that is just a few weeks away, so don’t delay!






Contact me to book your session!

Metro Detroit Michigan-Newborn Baby Photographer-Emma Margaret’s Newborn Session

I love being a newborn baby photographer and have met and photographed a lot of babies!  I have never met a family with a story like Emma’s that has touched me so much.

This beautiful little girl came into visit us in the studio at 39 days old.  She was born 5 weeks early and spent a few days in the NICU.   We decided to postpone Emma’s session due to complications after her birth and to let her get to her due date, so she would be stronger.  I could not wait to meet this family.  I knew they had quite a journey, but didn’t know the whole story.  When we finally met in person, I fell in love with them.  They absolutely adore their baby girl and she was the sweetest little girl, with the prettiest blue eyes and red hair.  She had such an angelic way about her.  She gave us lots of smiles throughout her session, almost like she knew I love capturing baby smiles, but really I think it is because she knows how loved and wanted she is.

Mom & Dad…they love her so much.  You can just feel the love and pride they have in their beautiful baby daughter.  They told me how they went to New York to do fertility treatments and she was actually conceived in New York!   She IS truly a miracle baby.

I asked Mom if she would like to share the story of their journey and she graciously agreed.  Grab a tissue…

“1,095 days, 26,280 minutes, 872 shots, 7,029 miles driven, tens of thousands of dollars, and millions of tears. This is how many days, minutes, injections, miles driven to a New York fertility clinic, money spent on fertility treatments, and all the tears we cried alone in silence. We are the 1 in 8 of couples in the country that struggled to conceive.

Our journey began in the beginning of 2015, like most couples we thought conceiving our first child would be so easy, throw out the birth control and BAM pregnant. Well we quickly learned it would not be that easy. After six months of actively trying to conceive I visited my gynecologist. A few test were done and nothing unusual for myself or my husband was discovered. We were told to try for another six months and come back. Another six months dragged on with the same ending each month not pregnant. A year after beginning trying to conceive we sought treatment from a Reproductive Endocrinologist in Michigan. The first visit was so overwhelming and scary. We again had more testing and was told again that nothing abnormal came up on any tests. However, since we had been trying to conceive for over a year we had now been labeled “undiagnosed infertility”. I am not sure which was worse the undiagnosed (so no real explanation) or the word infertile. We tried a couple treatments with this doctor and happily conceived with our second round of Intrauterine insemination (IUI). Our excitement was short lived as I miscarried at 6 weeks. After trying this procedure 3 more times and spending well over $10,000 in total we both needed a break. I began doing research into  other options. I stumbled upon a fertility clinic in New York called CNY Fertility. They offer low cost IVF options and had amazing reviews. I booked my appointment and before you knew it our IVF journey began.

Most people believe that IVF is a guarantee to have a baby or worse yet viewed as an “octomom” scenario. The reality is that IVF actually only has about a 30% chance of ending with a successful pregnancy with each embryo you transfer. Most insurances will not cover any cost associated with IVF so your basically taking tens of thousands of dollars and risking it on a 30% chance of success. The money is obviously a huge deal when we decided to go this route, but the emotional turmoil of gambling to have a child is even worse. It was more likely that we would spend all this money and still be childless.

We began our cycle in May 2017, I had already been supplementing with nine different type of vitamins since January and lost 25 lbs doing a fertility diet called KETO. The daily injections I had to give myself where honestly not as bad as I imagined. My dire desire to have a child out weighed all fears I had of needles. I gave myself 5-7 injections daily for 3 months straight. I was basically a walking pin cushion. When it was time for my egg retrieval I was over the moon that they had retrieved 8 eggs. The next day we were informed that all of the eggs were mature and 7 fertilized. By the end of the third day we still had 7 going strong and decided to stop growing them and freeze the embryos. A month later we transferred 2 of these embryos. The waiting for ten days to find out if your pregnant was the longest and most stressful ten days of my life. I cried, prayed, laughed, and planned what move we would make next if this didn’t work. I knew the odds were not in our favor, and I kept taking myself to that dark place in my mind that said “what if you never have children” On the tenth day I got a very faint positive pregnancy test, I literally dropped to my knees in my bathroom and cried for 20 minutes. I have never felt pure joy and pure terror at the same time. All I could think about was what if I miscarry again?

The following day I got a blood test that confirmed I was pregnant but my numbers were low. I knew again that this was not a good scenario and I had been down this road before. I had to wait 48 hours to have another blood test that confirmed my worst fears my numbers where declining and I was most likely miscarrying. I just couldn’t believe that the world could be so cruel and unfair. All I kept thinking is what did I do to deserve this? My doctor wanted me to go back for a 3rd blood draw to make sure my numbers were continuing to decline. Another two days later I went back for my 3rd blood draw. I was completely shocked when I received a phone call that my numbers had actually increased properly. I was baffled, I had already come to terms with the fact that I was miscarrying and was planning for our next transfer. The only explanation that the nurse could offer was since we had transferred two embryos perhaps both took originally but now only one was continuing to grow and the other one stopped. This is called a “vanishing twin” scenario.

I had to wait a full weekend for the next blood test, which showed another huge increase. My pregnancy was progressing! At my 7-week ultrasound it was confirmed that I indeed had a vanishing twin as another sac was discovered but had not grown.

Each week I was pregnant relieved more and more stress. I hated that I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy because of the constant fear that it was going to be taken from me. Every ultrasound, blood draw, doctor’s appointment was filled with fear.

My baby girl Emma arrived via c-section on March 5th, 2018. She was born early at 35 weeks due to a condition that I had called Vasa Previa*. The aftermath of her birth was almost as heartbreaking as trying to conceive her. I had lost a lot of blood during the c-section and became extremely ill. Emma however was my little trooper and only spend 3 days in NICU before coming to my room.

I would like to say that my journey is unique and that thankfully most do not have to go through the obstacles my husband and I did to conceive. However, the reality is that there are thousands of women just like me. We are one of the lucky ones that IVF was successful for. Unfortunately, there are still so many women struggling without success.

Every time I look at my daughter I am full of such gratitude and love, but also so sadden for others who have not been as lucky as us.”


What an incredible journey.   With everything against them, they didn’t give up.

  She is truly a gift from God and although the journey was a long, emotional one, I believe she chose you both to be her parents.


You already are amazing parents and she will grow up feeling the love you have for her and how truly wanted she is.  Thank you for choosing me to capture these sweet memories for you.  I feel honored to have been able to share in a little bit of your journey.  Being a newborn baby photographer is the best job I have ever had and really doesn’t feel like a job.  It is truly my passion to help tell the story of a new life.

For more information on vasa previa visit The International Vasa Previa Foundation at

To visit the CNY fertility clinic website


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Royal Oak Michigan Photographer-Jacob’s Cake Smash Session Melissa Anne Photography

I have had the pleasure of photographing this awesome family for a few years now and I was

SO excited to capture this cute little guy’s first birthday photos!

We got the studio all decked out in navy and cyan blues and white, with matching cake, for Jacob’s first birthday cake smash and splash session!

I LOVE his suspenders and jeans–this kid was STYLIN’ for his cake smash session! Mom had the super cute T-shirt made special for him!

He wasn’t so sure about the cake at first, but once he got a taste of it, he got into it!  He loved splashing in the tub and got squeaky clean which made it a lot easier!



To Book Your Child’s First Birthday Cake Smash and Splash


Dairy free, vegan cake provided by The Bakery Waterford

Troy Michigan Newborn Photographer| Megan Rose’s Newborn Photography Session


This. Family.

I absolutely LOVED this family and this session.  Big sister, Claire was such a doll and loves her little sister so much.

We planned a studio session and Megan looked so sweet in pink!  We added some fresh flowers to her prop shots and she looks like a sweet little doll baby!

Her hair is to die for and sweet little pink cheeks….eeekkkkk!

I could have keep her a little bit longer, well all day actually, but she did great and we got lots of great shots and her parents and sister kinda wanted her back.

I totally understand why since she is such a sweetheart.

I love her little toes and sweet baby lips.

She was such a great baby and made my job so easy.

Congratulations on the newest addition to your gorgeous family!




I recommend scheduling your newborn session in your 2nd trimester to ensure availability.

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Metro Detroit Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Serikaku Family | Photography Session




I was SO excited when this beautiful Momma contacted me to document her growing baby bump!  She had so many ideas and I went out of my comfort zone to capture what she had envisioned and I could not be happier with the results!  We had so much fun documenting this precious time.  I love that she had her mom and mother-in-law come in and they had so much love for their first grandchild, it was just beautiful!  Dad is just as sweet as Mom and it was so easy to photograph them!  They look like they walked right out of a magazine.  For the last maternity session together, we decided to go to a local park and she rocked my maternity gown!

Once baby Serena made her grande debut, we excitedly planned her newborn session.  What a dream baby!   I completely fell in love with her!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the final progression photo.  I am truly honored to have been chosen to capture this gorgeous family’s special time.  I LOVE my “job”.  It doesn’t feel like a job.  I am passionate about capturing beautiful memories for my clients and love it when they cry with joy when they see how beautiful they are.




Maternity + Newborn Sessions are discounted when booked together, plus you get additional digital images and professional hair & makeup application is included.

Maternity gowns, draping fabrics and wraps are provided |  In studio sessions  or outdoor sessions available

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Michigan Newborn Photographer | Serena’s Newborn Session | Metro Detroit Newborn Photographer

Michigan Newborn Photographer

  Serena was born 12-20-17 , weighed 5 pounds 11 ounces and was 19 inches long.  She was just under 8 pounds and was 5 weeks old when she came in for her newborn photo session.

She really wanted to stay awake for her entire session and I LOVE her awake shots!

Caught her little tongue sticking out!



She looks SO pretty in pink!


She finally fell asleep with the warmth of the studio, a full belly and the soothing sounds of my white noise machine, she really had no choice.

After I got her wrapped up, we got some more amazing shots with some adorable props.







I typically like to see newborns between 5-14 days new, but it is possible to get beautiful newborn images with older babies too!

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